iFoster Launches New Website, App & Additional Resources for Foster Youth
by iFoster | May 21, 2021

The iFoster experience continues to grow, providing children and youth in foster care with the resources and opportunities they need to become successful, independent adults. We are thrilled to launch the iFoster app which is fully integrated into the iFoster portal and databases to provide a seamless experience across whichever devices you choose to access iFoster.

Learn more about the new and expanded functionality and features below. Join the iFoster Community today and register for free

iFoster App

iFoster is now available as an app! Our team worked hard to fully integrate the app into the iFoster online portal. You can access your account across any device, and your searches, applications, self-directed training, How Do I’s, and uploaded documents are saved regardless of how you access them. Use the camera on your phone to take snapshots of life documents and upload to your secure locker straight from the app.

Unsure which resources you need or where to find them? Complete our Needs request form and one of our peer navigators will be in touch to help you get the resources you need. Download the iFoster App today

Relevant Resources for Foster Youth

Access every one of the thousands of national resources curated specifically for foster care. Our invite-only partners join because the iFoster community of over 60,000 have said they're an important organization in their daily life. Explore resources specific to daily living, health and wellness, educational resources and more.

Resources are vetted so you know they are current, available, and you are eligible based on where you live and what type of foster family you are. Easily track what you've applied for with seamless integrations between applicant and providers.

Localization of Resources

State and county partners across the country have been populating iFoster with local resources to expand the number of resources available to our community, leveraging local expertise to understand the greatest needs and best solutions. What's important to the community is what's important to us.

Digital Locker

Use the iFoster app and portal as a safe place to upload and access documents. Digital lockers are safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. The ability to access these documents from any device gives you the freedom and convenience you need.

The Value of Peer Navigation & Education

The iFoster team has been working hard to add new video content, created by transition age foster youth that shares their lessons and experiences in what helped them successfully transition to independence. Do you have questions you'd like to ask your peers? Email us at

iFoster’s award winning TAY AmeriCorps program has built a small and powerful army of current and former foster youth who are trained to help other transition age find the resources they need and navigate the system. Peer navigators are just a call away! Bookmark this number for easy reference: 855-936-7837.

Achieving Independence with iFoster Jobs Program

A growing number of programs at iFoster have been created to help transition age youth excel at independence. Explore these programs in more detail and consider if they're a good fit for you or someone you know.

In addition to specific programs, iFoster has built out a directory of thousands of curated resources and programs that can help with tutoring, assist in getting a computer, cell phone or Internet access. Find resources and programs that can assist with medical needs like eyeglasses or orthodontics, relevant discounts to stores and services, and more.

Join the iFoster Community Today

Please check our new look, and expanded functionality. If you’re not an iFoster member, please sign up here.  iFoster is free to members of the foster care community.

If you are:

  • A state or county interested in localizing iFoster to add new resources and services, implementing our TAY AmeriCorps or jobs programs, or learning about our national cell phone and Internet program,
  • An employer who needs highly trained and committed staff,
  • Or a company or nonprofit who provides the products and services our community needs,

please contact We look forward to working together to bridge divides, enhance access, and enable foster youth to reach their potential and become successful, independent adults.


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