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·         1 in 11 Children will live in foster or kinship care before they turn 18.

·         Their average age of entry is 6 years old.

·         Without sufficient resources, their futures as adults are grim:

o      46% won’t get their GED by 19

o    70% will be on welfare

o    51% will be homeless

o    50% will be unemployed

o    25% will be incarcerated

o    Less than 3% will earn their BA

iFoster is changing their future

Prior to iFoster, foster children & youth, the caregivers and agencies who take care of them, were scattered across every community without the ability to share their experiences and knowledge, and without being able to take advantage of their collective influence. An online community was needed – an accessible and private place for supporting each other, sharing information and using the power of the group to improve the lives of children. 

iFoster launched in October of 2010 to bring together the child welfare community. Our focus, helping to close the gap between what it costs to raise a child ($1,086/month in 2011) and what child welfare and social services can provide (less than 50% for foster children and less than 25% for kinship children).

Using the power of a growing community, now 20,000 members strong and collectively reaching nearly 2 million children and youth, iFoster searches, negotiates, conducts due diligence and brings in resources that meet the community’s biggest needs. iFoster works with private, public and government organizations to find the best resources to help close the economic gap and turn surviving into thriving.

But the iFoster community is just getting started. To truly transform child welfare in this country, iFoster must not only address the resource gap, but change the public discourse around foster care – essentially rebrand foster care. And iFoster needs to help our community find their collective voice to drive change, transforming the system from within. 

It is only when every child growing up outside their biological home has the opportunity and means to become successful, independent adults and achieve their full potential that we at iFoster can say we have met our goal.

Our Impact

40,000 Members and Growing
9,000+ TAY Youth members
3,500+ Agencies use iFoster

$50 M in delivered programs 

Resulting in:

Improved grades
Improved social connectiveness
Improved self-esteem
Improved well-being
Improved caregiver well-being


"“These are great kids that just happen to have had some bad luck in their lives. They make fantastic employees, really fit our culture well, and programs like iFoster partner with us to turn their talents into job success.” – MARK FOLEY, RALEY’S FAMILY OF FINE STORES"
"“It’s just been a phenomenal partnership. The people who come to work for us through iFoster are ideal employes and have been a wonderful addition to our workforce.” – KENDRA DOYLE, RALPH’S AND FOOD 4 LESS"
"I"m now able to complete homework at home. Thanks to Ifoster."

iFoster is a 501c3 non-profit organization. EIN 80-0627614
Call us: 1-855-9FOSTER (936-7837)

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