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*Children’s Bureau, March 2017

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A foster youth benefiting from a foster care laptop program sits on the steps of a building to conduct research on her new computer.

How Technology Is Impacting The Foster Care ...

Did you know that approximately 5% of rural foster youth and 21% of urban foster youth have consistent access to a computer in their homes, making them one of the most underserved populations in the world? This means that only a
iFoster discusses the biggest issue facing foster care today.

How iFoster Addresses One Of The Biggest Issues In ...

It’s no secret that our nation’s child welfare system is far from perfect. With the number of children in foster care on
iFoster member researching the portal of resources.

A Deep Dive Into iFoster’s Portal of Resources

One of iFoster’s greatest assets is our portal of thousands of resources for foster families. Our extensive library of
Sesame Street Fostered Muppet

4 Reasons To Become Foster Parents

Foster parenting is one of the most fulfilling duties there is. Although this role undoubtedly brings its challenges,

The Problem

Young people aging out of the foster care system have the worst outcomes of any population in the United States.

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